Industry Leading Flatbed and Drop Deck Trailer

At TEC Equipment, we understand your need for the most reliable, efficient equipment to make the most of every opportunity. That’s why we partnered with Wabash National to carry Transcraft flatbed trailers, the one of the industry’s favorite flatbed and drop deck manufacturers.

Transcraft trailers are all made with 130ksi steel for high capacity and lower weight plus superior corrosion resistance. For even lighter weight, TEC Equipment also carries Benson aluminum flatbeds and drop decks.

All-Steel and Combo Flatbeds

Transcraft flatbed trailers are built for load flexibility, durability and fuel efficiency. Crafted from high-quality 130ksi steel, Transcraft’s all-steel and combo flatbeds offer more payload capacity, lower maintenance costs and greater load flexibility, all with the solid reputation you expect from America’s premier trailer manufacturer.

Drop Deck Trailers

Get more flexibility and capacity with a Transcraft drop deck trailer. Built with heat-treated 130ksi steel, Transcraft’s drop deck trailers make even the heaviest, most demanding loads easier. Quality materials and flexibility without weight make for a damage-resistant trailer with higher capacity and lower maintenance costs.

Coil Haulers

And for the specialists out there, Transcraft offers a thoughtfully designed coil hauler that increases efficiency and performance. A Duraplate canopy eliminates the need for tarps, protecting freight and reducing load times. Transcraft coil haulers offer a lower center of gravity for a smoother ride, and more versatility in your freight options.

Get a trailer custom-designed to meet your exacting needs or choose from the available stock on a TEC Equipment lot. Either way, you’ll end up with a trailer that will last longer and perform better.