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2022 MAC LTT

2022 MAC LTT

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2022 MAC LTT 550 CUBIC FT PNEUMATIC DOUBLES Vessel • Overall Length 18’11” (227″). • Capacity 550 cubic foot. • Overall Height 12’1″ (145″). • Overall Width 8’0″ (96″). • Operating Pressure 15 psi. • Vessel Finish Aluminum Shell • Max. Loading Temp. 150 degrees Fahrenheit. • Wheelbase 184″ centerline of king pin to centerline of rear axle. • Coupler Height 48″ ground to coupler surface. Piping / Fittings • Lead Hot Air Supply 3″ sch. 10 alum. pipe with male adapter on a 90° elbow facing up on street side, check valve behind inlet. Tee aeration at hopper area with 3″ b’fly valve and check valve. Aeration manifold extended to rear for pup operation with 3″ b’fly valve. Line terminates with 3″ male adapter on 45° elbow facing down at center. • Pull Hot Air Supply 3″ sch. 10 alum. pipe located under drawbar at center. Both ends to include a male adapter on a 45° elbow facing down. Hot air continues with 3″ hose through turntable to 3″ sch. 10 aluminum pipe with male adapter on a 90° elbow down. Terminate aeration at hopper area with 3″ b’fly valve and spring type check valve on street side. • Aeration Fabric pad aeration with ball valve control. • Top Air Supply 2″ top air line with (1) 2″ b’fly valve. • Blow Down Line 2″ hose at front street side with (1) 2″ b’fly valve and (1) 2″ relief valve set at 15 PSI. • Manhole Type (1) 20″ camlatch style opening towards front onto rubber contact pads. Locate lid 18″ rearward of centerline. (27’0″ between domes on semi and pull. • Discharge 5″ alum. discharge Ybranch angles 45° to street side rear with 5″ female coupler and plug. • Gravity Dump Discharge 10″ blind flange on sloped bottom. • 3″ Aluminum Silencer Located at front of air inlet line. Accessories • Document Holder Located street side at rear of front fender. • Pressure Gauges Liquid filled 030 psi tank/line pressure. Mounted on rear wing plate with light. • Jump Hose (1) 3″ hose with female camlock fittngs. • Lead Hitch Premier slack reducing coupling style. • Lead Fenders Rear ribbed aluminum, single radius frame mounted, MAC LTT mud flaps • Pull Fenders Front ribbed aluminum single axle single radius dolly mounted. Rear ribbed aluminum, single radius mounted to the rear frame, MAC LTT mud flaps. • Lead Landing Gear MAC LTT alum. drop tubes mounted on formed alum. pedestal frame. (Optional-Jost AX100) • King Pin Plate Welded aluminum • Lead ladder Bolton aluminum at rear, nonslip steps. • Pull ladder Bolton aluminum at front, nonslip steps. • Top Walkway Nonskid tape and full length toe rails.

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