One might think Leasing is a straightforward endeavor. For the customer, hopefully it is, but behind-the-scenes at TEC, our Leasing Operations team helps ensure customer needs are met both quickly, and seamlessly. It’s not just about servicing trucks at our dealerships or with our mobile services.  And it’s about more than getting you the right trucks for your fleet… it’s about solving the countless other challenges our customers face along the way in making sure the physical truck is the least of their worries. 

At TEC, Leasing Operations helps solve a host of customer needs, including: 

  • truck purchasing
  • truck financing
  • truck rental
  • guaranteeing the cost of maintenance and repair for years (think of this like a warranty on steroids)
  • providing insurance
  • selling used trucks
  • selling fuel
  • providing telematics software
  • compiling and filing fuel tax

Ultimately, Leasing Operations develops tools that help TEC sales and service managers find and fix problems for customers so they can focus on their business and not their trucks. Some specific examples of how our Leasing Operations team indirectly supports customers include:

  • Provide Service Department Oversight – When a customer leases from TEC, we generally own the trucks, so TEC staff provides 99% of the maintenance and repairs for customers. This means customers don’t need to worry about the care of their truck, while still getting consistent, reliable fixes from dedicated technicians. Leasing Operations helps our Service Department operate efficiently and seamlessly to get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • Monitor Maintenance Intervals – Did you know leasing trucks can have anywhere from three to seven different running maintenance intervals, depending on the complexity of the equipment? Think of how often you need your oil changed, or need new brake pads or need your tires rotated. The Leasing Operations team structures these intervals to limit shop visits per year. This strikes a comfortable balance between limiting time in the shop for preventative maintenance while also lowering the risk of breakdowns.
  • Support and Develop Technicians – With high turnover across the diesel technician field, retaining and supporting employees is key to getting timely service to customers. Good managers make time to develop and train their teams, provide clear direction, and help each team member understand their role and how that role contributes to the success of the customer and the department. Leasing Operations helps managers stay on top of employee development, and ultimately the superior level of customer service TEC can then provide.

At the end of the day, Leasing Operations is here to serve as the foundation of Leasing, so that every day, we improve how we can better serve our customers. Our tools help to support and solidify the foundations of TEC’s Leasing business so we can accelerate growth and make things faster and more consistent for our most valuable assets – our customers.