Much like TEC, MAC Trailer was founded by one man with a passion.

MAC Trailer is the national leader in specialized trailers, parts and services. With 11 plant locations and more than 1.8 million square feet of manufacturing space, MAC Trailer has what it takes to make a trailer that fits your needs.  

MAC Trailer

MAC Series Dump Trailers

Whether you’re hauling rock, sand, gravel, construction materials, agricultural products or more, MAC Trailer is time tested to withstand whatever you throw at them. They offer frameless and frame-type trailers, built with strict engineering and manufacturing standards.

MAC Trailers Dump Body Trailer

MAC Series Pneumatic Tank Trailers

Pneumatic tank trailers from MAC offer serious advantages for operators focused on performance, reliability and safety. MAC’s pneumatic tank trailers are available in a variety of sizes to fit your haul and piping-discharge requirements. With shorter loading and unloading times, MAC Trailer make it easy to finish one load and move onto the next. And with operator safety top-of-mind, MAC Trailer offers retractable handrails as an option on all new MAC pneumatic tank trailers. When raised, these aluminum rails are locked into place, providing extra stability when walking along the top, and the brakes are locked to prevent any destabilizing movement while the handrails are up.

MAC Trailers Pneumatic Tank Trailers from TEC Equipment

MAC Series Transfer Trailers

MAC Trailer is recognized as the nation’s leader in tipper and moving floor transfer trailers. MAC knows the importance of constructing a trailer that can withstand the challenges of the job. Whether you’re dealing with waste, wood, recyclables or scrap, more companies turn to MAC.