Trailers For Sale

TEC Equipment is the leading full-service trailer dealership in the West. We've got you covered with trailer sales, parts and service. We are an authorized Wabash, Transcraft, and Benson trailer dealership. With our strong selection of new and used trailers for sale, you can find great deals on dry vans, refeers, flatbeds, and drop-down trailers. Our buyers are always on the lookout for quality equipment at the best prices. As an authorized dealer for Autocar Trucks, you can also get your yard tractors from us.


When you buy a new Wabash, Transcraft, or Benson trailer from TEC Equipment, you can spec it just the way you want it, with no wear or tear and a clean history! You'll be getting the best quality trailer on the market. 

Your trailer is one of the most important parts of your business, and having the right trailer for the job is essential. TEC Equipment's wide variety of new trailers available for sale can meet the needs of the most demanding fleet. 

The benefits of NEW trailers: 

  • Made to order - get the combination of options that you want
  • Warranty - get the manufacturer's warranty
  • Latest technology and features - American-made durability, higher efficiency, longer life
  • Financing - rates are generally lower on new trailers
  • Maintenance - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


TEC has the west's best selection of used trailers for sale. Since we offer all brands and a full range of prices you can find the make, model and year you want. We're constantly buying used trailers and can find you exactly the trailer you're looking for. 

All of our used trailers are inspected and reviewed to ensure they are road ready and meet all safety standards. 

The benefits of USED trailers:

  • Price - Less expensive, more opportunity to step up
  • Depreciation - No straight-off-the-lot depreciation hits
  • Insurance rates - Rates on used trailers tend to be less expensive
  • Choice - Any brand, make or model
  • Outfitting - Some used equipment already has accessories and practical modifications