Every tractor is designed to get the job done right the first time.

Autocar’s ACTT yard tractors are a premier line of trailer tractors, built with the operators in mind. The cab of their tractors is arranged with ergonomics and safety in mind. Autocar engineers spend hours sitting in the driver’s seat to know exactly what features you need when moving trailers in the lot all day. 

Autocar Yard Tractors

Autocar Yard Tractors

Easy Ingress/Egress

Workplace injuries can be prevented with extra-large foot grips on the walking surfaces and large, highly visible grab handles strategically placed around the cab, and large cab doors designed for today’s largest terminal tractor operators.

Peace of Mind

Runaway trailers, broken landing gears, and trailer rollovers are now a thing of the past with our semi-trailer auto-lock system. Autocar designed this terminal tractor to prevent the trailer’s release while the spotter is moving, preventing any unwanted drops.

100% Steel – A Cab with Muscle

Strength and dependability are what’s needed to get the job done. Autocar increased the cab strength by using 100% steel curved one-piece pillars and heavy gauge panels, dramatically improving cab strength and durability and giving you a cab you can rely on.

Riding on Air

Driving shouldn’t make you sore – and it won’t in an Autocar. Its yard trucks come with exclusive four-point premium cab air suspension which works in combination with our advanced 14K heavy-duty spring and gas shocks, to protect operators from neck and back discomfort.

Deluxe Cab Space

With the tallest, widest, and deepest cab in the industry, your operators will be comfortable for a change as they spend the day getting in and out without having to duck, twist, or bend. This job requires room to operate, so the cab was created the most space for legs, knees, and bellies.