Semi Trucks For Sale

TEC Equipment represents premium brands of new and used light-, medium-, and heavy-duty semi trucks. We are the West's leading Mack and Volvo truck dealership, providing seamless service with 24 locations in 16 cities spanning Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Arizona. That's important to our customers - You need a business partner that is ready when and where you are.

New Semi Trucks for Sale

TEC Equipment specializes in new Mack and Volvo heavy-duty semi trucks and Hino and Isuzu medium-duty trucks. Our new truck lineup features a wide array of heavy and medium duty trucks, and we can help you customize your truck to meet your exact needs. We always have plenty of new trucks for sale on hand, and can help you get the Mack or Volvo truck of your dreams. When buying from TEC Equipment, we make sure that we can be your best business partner.

The benefits of new trucks:

  • Made to order - We can help you customize your new semi truck to exactly the specifications you're looking for.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer's warranties give you the peace of mind knowing you're taken care of.
  • Technology and features - Our new trucks have some of the best technological advances in trucking.
  • Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions - More efficiency and power
  • Financing - Rates are generally lower on new trucks
  • Maintenance - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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Used Semi Trucks for Sale

TEC Equipment has the west's largest selection of used semi trucks for sale. As the West's leading used truck dealership we have a large inventory of used semi trucks available to make sure we can meet your trucking needs. We offer all makes and models of used trucks, from a variety of years at a wide price range. Looking for something specific? Contact us and we will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

The benefits of used trucks:

  • Price - Less expensive, more opportunity to step up
  • Depreciation - No straight off the lot depreciation hits!
  • Warranty - We offer used truck warranties to protect yourself and your investment.
  • Insurance rates - Rates on used trucks tend to be less expensive
  • Choice - Our used truck managers have the industry contacts that helps them find you exactly the truck you're looking for.
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