There is a shift beginning to happen in the transportation industry towards battery electric vehicles (BEVs). While there remain numerous questions around regulations, funding and timelines, TEC Equipment can show you how electric semi trucks fit your operation, plan through needs from funding to fueling and help you take advantage of the extensive benefits and proven quality both Volvo and Mack have to offer in electromobility. 

Volvo and Mack Electromobility

The future is now, and it’s built on energy efficiency and alternative fuels. Volvo Trucks continues to push the boundaries of the world of transport, with the first-to-market, new VNR Electric. The truck is built for local and regional distribution, food and beverage, and pickup delivery with an electric powertrain that provides fast, powerful response and smooth gearing. The VNR Electric delivers all the agility, visibility and safety of the current VNR but with zero emissions, creating a future we all want to live in.

Mack has also joined the movement to battery electric trucks with the new Mack LR Electric. The refuse truck delivers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as its diesel-powered predecessor but with lower maintenance costs, reduced noise and zero carbon emissions.

Mack LR electric refuse truck

Benefits of Ownership

Battery electric vehicles offer many advantages over diesel and other internal-combustion engine vehicles. Perfect for local and regional deliveries, BEVs reduce the carbon footprint and operating costs while minimizing air and noise pollution in the communities where trucks run. Benefits include:

  • Zero emissions
  • Powerful torque
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower fuel (charging) costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Same power and performance
  • Flexible operating hours
  • Reduced driver fatigue

Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership of a BEV is primarily driven by 3 forces:

  • Financing
  • Energy and infrastructure needs
  • Service and parts

Total cost of ownership (COO) tools are evolving. However, it is clear that with incentives the cost per mile of a BEV is typically below the cost of diesel trucks. As regulations unfold and incentives are offered, TEC is here to help customers navigate the opportunities in front of them, helping build a future that is more cost efficient and cleaner for our customers, and the world.

Diesel cost of ownership
Electric truck cost of ownership with incentives

Electric truck cost of ownership without incentives

Keep an eye on this page. We’ll update it with more resources from state authorities and OEMs as they become available.

California: Total Cost of Ownership Estimator

Regional Resources

As the world of electric semi trucks expands, so too will the resources and incentives that are available, check back soon for more information.


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Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP)


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