Heavy-duty truck drivers know better than most the toll driving can take on their bodies. Even in the best conditions, keeping a fully loaded, heavy-duty truck in line takes effort. Mack Command Steer makes that job easier. Now available on the Mack Granite, controlling a heavy-duty construction truck through the uneven terrain of a jobsite is easier.

What is Mack Command Steer?

Mack Command Steer is an active steering system. It monitors terrain, driver inputs and environmental elements and provides variable steering effort through an electric motor. Through sensors found throughout the truck, Mack Command Steer observes and analyzes over 2,000 parameters per second, allowing it to identify and compensate for road conditions. It also autocorrects back to zero when assistance is no longer needed. Mack Command Steer is able to reduce driver effort by 85% and significantly improve productivity and jobsite safety.

Mack Command Steer in Mack Anthem Semi Truck

How does Command Steer reduce driver effort?

The system applies additional torque to the steering to reduce steering efforts at slow speeds. The system also helps to filter out uneven terrain, countering the steering force, smoothing steering feedback and reducing the possibility of kicks.

All these assistance factors mean that drivers, whether construction, long-haul or something else, don’t have to fight the wheel on poor roads or in difficult weather conditions. Combined with the ergonomic interior of the Anthem and Granite, drivers will find their jobs easier and less fatiguing than ever before.

Mack Command Steer means you can drive longer and get more done without the fatigue of fighting every divot, pothole or bump in the road.