Tire air pressure can have a profound effect on a tire’s life, fuel consumption, impact damage, and maintenance costs. As tire pressure increases and decreases, the tire’s footprint changes. This not only affects the load the tire can support and the tire’s traction, it also causes heat buildup and irregular wear.

Here are some tips and tricks when thinking about tire inflation management:

  • Under-inflation is worse than over-inflation
  • Operating tires at 20% below the load recommended pressure can wear out tires 25% faster and increase fuel consumption by 1.5%
  • Don’t assign a standard PSI across your entire fleet, instead base PSI according to manufacturer’s recommendation per given load weight
  • Over-inflation leads to tread cuts, sidewall damage, and impact damage
  • PSI changes 2 psi for each 10-degree temperature change – let your tires cool down before adjusting tire pressure
  • Safety tip: tell your technicians that if they hear crackling while adding air to stop immediately

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