If you live or operate within the state of California you may be familiar with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB was established in 1967 in response to dangerous levels of smog and other pollutants throughout the state.

Today, California has some of the strictest regulations in the country around emissions and smog. With the new technologies surrounding Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), California has made a serious push toward becoming 100% electric. The governor of California, Gavin Newsome, signed Executive Order N-79-20 surrounding the future of ZEVs in the state. Here are a few key goals from that order:

  • 100% zero-emission drayage trucks by 2035
  • 100% zero-emission off-road vehicles and equipment by 2035, where feasible
  • 100% zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2045, where feasible

To achieve these goals, the California Air Resources Board has released regulations for vehicles to meet in the upcoming years. Listed below are regulations ranked by when they will come into effect.

Truck and Bus Regulation

January 1, 2023, was the final deadline for all models of diesel trucks and buses with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000 pounds (class 4 and above) to have an engine that is the model year 2010 or newer. The Truck and Bus Regulation affects individuals, private companies, and federal agencies that operate within California. The only exemption to this regulation is if a vehicle is operated less than 1,000 miles per calendar year. Learn more about the exemption here. This regulation was enacted to reduce toxic air contaminants from diesel fuel exhaust, which is estimated to be responsible for 70% of the cancer risk from airborne toxins (California Air Resources Board.)  

Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Regulation  

The Advanced Clean Truck Regulation’s goal is to accelerate the transition of all medium and heavy-duty vehicles from diesel to zero-emission. This regulation requires manufacturers to sell an increasing percentage of zero-emissions trucks starting in 2024.

  • Starting in model year 2024, 9% of Class 4-8 trucks (14,000 to 33,000 lbs. gvwr) sold are required to be ZEVs , increasing to 75% in model year 2035.
  • Starting in model year 2024, 5% of Class 7-8 tractors (26,000 to +33,000 lbs gvwr) sold are required to be ZEVs, with an increase to 40% by 2032.
  • Six states – California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington–have adopted the Advanced Clean Trucks regulation, with some variation in the timeline from state to state, and ten more states have joined the coalition to implement the same.

Advanced Clean Fleet Regulation

The Advanced Clean Fleet Regulation (ACF) is part of an initiative to meet climate goals and protect public health. The primary goal is to identify fleets that are well-suited for electrification and require them to transition to ZEVs over the course of a set time period. This regulation has been proposed and has yet to be enacted into law. Here are a few of the proposed requirements:

  • Beginning in 2024, 50% of state and local government fleet purchases must be zero-emission, increasing to 100% by 2027. 
  • Starting in 2024, all new drayage trucks added to a fleet must be zero-emission. By 2035, all drayage trucks must be zero-emission.
  • By 2040, all medium and heavy-duty vehicles sold by manufacturers must be zero-emission.

What does this mean for you?

If you are thinking about adding a diesel truck to your fleet, now is the time. After 2024, it will be increasingly harder to add diesel trucks to your fleet. Buying a diesel truck now, means that you will be able to use your truck for its full lifespan before having to replace it with a ZEV.

Our team at TEC Equipment is knowledgeable about CARB regulations and the steps that our customers need to take to comply. This will be a long-term transition that may be messy at times. TEC’s goal is to be your best business partner throughout the entire process so you don’t have to figure out these regulations on your own.

When you are ready to make the switch to a zero-emission vehicle, TEC Equipment is here to help you make that transition. Currently, four of our dealerships are both Volvo Trucks & Mack Trucks Certified EV Dealer locations, with more planned across our network. We are investing in electric now, to be ahead of the curve and help lead our customers through their own transitions when and if the time comes for them.

Need help making the switch?

Contact your local TEC Equipment dealership and see how they can help you take the leap into electric.  For more information on additional funding opportunities, you can head to California Air Resource Board as well as the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.