Volvo’s innovative I-Shift manual transmission with I-See predictive cruise control make your job as a truck driver easier. It can help any driver from the most experienced to a rookie improve their fuel efficiency while driving.

What is I-Shift?

I-Shift is the most advanced automated manual transmission on the market. It improves fuel efficiency and reduces wear on both your engine and your left leg. The electronic control unit shifts perfectly no matter the terrain and no matter what you’re carrying. Intelligent electronics monitor grade, speed, weight and engine load, shifting or holding the gear when necessary to save more fuel.

Aside from fuel efficiency, the I-Shift takes the strain off the driver. It makes driving even easier and makes sure you can focus on getting to where you need to go. The I-Shift transmission means no more missed shifts or sore knees. I-Shift limits driver fatigue, allowing you to give your full attention to traffic around you instead of thinking about which gear is better for fuel economy.

I-Shift also improves costs associated with a truck. Connections throughout the transmission have been upgraded for faster servicing and maintenance. The system also allows for longer intervals between servicing. Combine this with Volvo’s Uptime Center network, and you’ll spend more time on the road and less time at a service center.

Volvo I-See cruise control

What is I-See?

I-See is Volvo’s predictive cruise control. I-See learns the topography of a road and then uses that knowledge to shift gears when necessary for greater fuel economy. I-Shift combined with I-See means your truck can use its knowledge of the road to save fuel through intelligent cruise control.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re hauling, Volvo’s innovative I-Shift with I-See transmission will save you on fuel costs and protect your driveline and your focus.

I-Shift is available on our full fleet of heavy duty lease trucks. Contact our team today to see what a lease could save you.