Good things come in small packages. Great things come in small, powerful packages. The newly introduced Class 4 Hino M4 is powered by Hino’s award-winning 5-liter J05 series engine rated at 210 HP and 440 lb.-ft. torque. It comes available in a standard cab and also a crew cab with seating capacity up to seven for the whole crew. The M4 is up to the toughest of tasks with best-in-class frame yield strength of 56,900 PSI while still providing the benefit of a tight turning radius to get you in and out of the tightest of spaces. Total support, brick by brick.


Powertrain and Performance




Axle /Suspension

Rear Axle
  • Full-floating, single reduction
  • Single-speed by hypoid gearing


Why Owners Love Hino Trucks

Engine Warranty
  • STD – 5 years/200,000 miles
  • OPT – 7 years/200,000 miles
  • STD – 2 years/60,000 miles preventive care
  • OPT – Preventive care extension
Hino Insight
  • Telematics by Verizon: (STD 1 Year) (OPT 3 & 5 Yr)
  • Remote Diagnostics: STD 5 Years
  • Case Management: STD 5 Years