The Hino M5 was designed specifically for the North American market from the ground up. The moment you see one, you’ll notice the difference between a product designed to deliver performance and reliability in one of the most ergonomically advanced cab-over engine trucks on the market and the rest of the pack. From the wide view pillars to the ground breaking aerodynamics of the all steel cab, the M5 sets a new standard for driver safety and comfort.


Powertrain and Performance




Resisting bending moment (one side, no reinforcement)

Axle /Suspension

Rear Axle
  • Full-floating, single reduction
  • Single-speed by hypoid gearing


Why Owners Love Hino Trucks

Engine Warranty
  • STD – 5 years/200,000 miles
  • OPT – 7 years/200,000 miles
  • STD – 2 years/60,000 miles preventive care
  • OPT – Preventive care extension
Hino Insight
  • Telematics by Verizon: (STD 1 Year) (OPT 3 & 5 Yr)
  • Remote Diagnostics: STD 5 Years
  • Case Management: STD 5 Years