Jerr-Dan’s line of multi-car carriers are now part of the XLP family with a 8.5 Ton structural capacity that lets you haul more than ever and a lower main deck provides more effective deck access. Available in steel and aluminum options, complete with painted and galvanized subframes and a 8.5 Ton structural capacity, each truck is backed by a 5-year structural, 1-year full, and 3-year hydraulic warranty.

Multi-car Carrier Features

  • Dual Sided Manual Free Spool
  • Low Profile Winch System Allows Flat Alignment Of Upper And Lower Deck
  • 3-Rung Fold Away Step Ladder On The Front Structure
  • Dual Remote Winch Release Mounted Under-deck For Convenient Operation While Loading And Unloading
  • Dual Hose Tracking System
  • Upper Deck Winch, Lights, D-rings With Keyslots (Standard)
  • Efficient Load/Unload Angle And Vehicle Access
  • Aluminum Upper Deck Is Strong, Durable And Lightweight
  • Key Slots (Straight “T”, “X” and Angled “T”)
  • Upper Deck Winch Air Free Spool (Standard)
  • Wheel Lift System Option

Multi-car Carrier Specifications

Deck Length
  • 28', 30' Lower
  • 14' Upper
Deck Capacity
  • 20,000 lbs.
  • 15,000 Lower / 5,000 Upper
Deck Width
  • 96"
  • 102"
Usable CA (Cable to Axle Centerline)
  • 208" – 214" CA (186" – 192" CT) (28' deck)
  • 232" – 238" CA (210" – 216" CT) (30' deck)