Jerr-Dan Rotators are built to handle tough jobs other trucks dare to touch.

Where other trucks hesitate, the Jerr-Dan rotator utilizes superior stabilizing technology, command rotation, unsurpassed pulling capacity and unstoppable power to easily tackle any job. Various features offer swift access to equipment, improved visibility and specialty storage solutions – essential capabilities on an impressive JFB Body Series.

Jerr-Dan Rotator Features

  • Independently Rubber Shock Mounted
  • Aluminum Roll-Up Doors with Painted or Brushed Finish
  • LED Interior Compartment & DOT Lighting
  • 26 Additional LED Side Marker Lights
  • 4 Additional Amber Side Strobes
  • Anti-Slip Top Surfaces with LED Lighted Steps and Grab Handles
  • Wide Variety of Tool Management Systems
  • Incident Management Equipment Kits and Storage Solutions
  • Tow Light Storage & Charging Station
  • 3 Stage Wrecker Boom