MAC Trailer is one of the preeminent tipper and moving floor transfer trailer manufacturers in the country. They know the extreme stress that these trailers are put under and build them to withstand the rigors of the job. Their quality manufacturing means you can rely on the structural integrity, durability and dependability that is designed, engineered and built into the top rails, the rear gates, hinges, bumpers and rear pockets of all MAC trailers.

Transfer Trailer Models

There’s a reason industry experts and veterans choose MAC Trailer for their toughest work.

Moving Floor Trailers

No matter what you need to transport, a MAC moving floor trailer can help get the job done. These trailers are available with fully-welded aluminum sheet and post sides with a .25 gauge wall thickness or the smooth sided “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) MACLOCK® configuration that incorporates 2 1/4″ hollow core aluminum extruded panels.

They’re also available with a leakproof or conventional drive unit and a wide variety of flooring options, including aluminum smooth surface, high-impact designs for solid waste or steel slat. Maximize cubic yard capacities by utilizing the tapered/ drop-deck design with volumes up to 154 cubic yards.

Tipper Trailers

When carrying the maximum payload is your goal, MAC’s lineup of Tipper trailers is here to exceed expectations. The MAC Tipper gets you the volume you need with a low tare weight, while being designed for the long haul.

Available in tapered and drop deck designs up to 53 feet, the MAC Tipper is configurable with up to 154 cubic yards of volume. Available with fully welded sheet and post or “MVP” MACLOCK® extruded aluminum panel construction.

Drop-Deck Moving Floor and Tipper Trailers

When you need even more payload, MAC’s line of drop-deck transfer trailers gets the job done. With capacity for over 156 cubic yards, they’re ideal for lightweight materials like recyclables, woodchips and municipal solid waste.

Transfer Trailer Inventory