A smooth comfortable ride, superior noise suppression and ergonomically-optimized seating are just a few of the premium VAH features designed to enhance driver productivity. The VAH series employs a unique configuration that reduces overall height to provide the ultimate in loading flexibility. Deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions and reduced-height cab options all contribute to lower overall height, offering the flexibility to position a car, pick-up or minivan over the truck’s cab. A clean top-of-frame behind the VAH cab expedites body mounting and eases trailer hookup.

As the premier car hauler dealership in North America, we sell more Volvo VAHs than any other dealership in the country, and can spec one to meet your exact needs. 


Volvo D11, Volvo D13

Unless specifically indicated, the values apply to both Volvo D11 and Volvo D13

  • Volvo D11 – 325-425 hp / 1250-1550 lb-ft.
  • Volvo D13- 375-500 hp / 1450-1850 lb-ft.
Base Engine Configuration
4 cycle / Inline Six
SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction
Sliding Nozzle Variable Geometry Turbocharger
Cam / Valve Configuration
SOHC / 4 Valves per Cylinder
Cylinder Head
One Piece Rigid Deck Cylinder Head
Injection System
Common Rail
Maximum Fuel Injection Pressure, PSI (bar)
35,000 (2,400)
Rating Uprateability
Software Only, Throughout Range
Displacement, cu. in. (L)
  • Volvo D11 – 661 (10.8)
  • Volvo D13 – 780 (12.8)
Compression Ratio
Bore & Stroke, in. (mm)
  • Volvo D11 – 4.84 x 5.98 (123 x 152)
  • Volvo D13 – 5.16 x 6.22 (131 x 158)
Cylinder Spacing, in. (mm)
  • Volvo D11 – 6.06 (154)
  • Volvo D13 – 6.61 (168)
Full Dress Dry Weight, lb. (kg)
  • Volvo D11 – 2259 (1025)
  • Volvo D13 – 2605 (1182)
Fuel Specification
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, 15 ppm
Fuel Filters
Primary plus Secondary
Total Lube Oil Capacity, qts. (L)
38 (36)
Oil Filtration
Two Full Flow, One Bypass
Oil Drain Interval, Normal Service, miles (km)
60,000 (96,561)*
Oil Specification
Volvo VDS-4.5, SAE 10W-30
FLOCS Oil Drain Kit
Air Compressor, CFM
Two Cylinder, 31.8
Volvo Engine Brake (VEB)
Engine Brake Rating at 2200 rpm
  • Volvo D11 – 420 hp @ 2200 rpm
  • Volvo D13 – 500 hp @ 2200 rpm
Engine Brake Rating at 1500 rpm
  • Volvo D11 – 266 hp @ 1500 rpm
  • Volvo D13 – 350 hp @ 1500 rpm
Engine Brake Weight, lbs. (kg)
25 (12)



Fleet Trim Level
Our Fleet Trim Level is designed for maximum durability to withstand the wear associated with high-use applications. The Fleet Trim level is available in all VAH models
Express Trim Level
Express Trim Level features a Heron cloth finish throughout the cab, with touches of Wren vinyl for a more refined interior. The Express Trim Level is available exclusively in VAH 300 and 400 models.
Premier Trim Level
The Premier Trim Level offers luxurious options in every corner, including Wood Grain trim for the dash and cabinetry. The Premier Trim Level is available exclusively in VAH 300 and 640 models


Fleet Trim Level
Heron vinyl with dot matrix
Express Trim Level
Heron cloth
Premier Trim Level
Heron cloth

Back Wall

Fleet Trim Level
Heron vinyl
Express Trim Level
Heron cloth
Premier Trim Level
Longspur cloth with metallic accent

Door Insert

Fleet Trim Level
Wren molded plastic
Express Trim Level
Wren vinyl
Premier Trim Level
Longspur vinyl

Instrument Panel Decorative Trim

Fleet Trim Level
Hex Grain
Express Trim Level
Hex Grain
Premier Trim Level
Wood Grain

Cabinet Trim

Fleet Trim Level
Hex Grain
Express Trim Level
Hex Grain
Premier Trim Level
Wood Grain

Floor Insert Option

Fleet Trim Level
Express Trim Level
Premier Trim Level