As the industry leader in dry freight vans, they provide a solution to fit your needs, whether you require the unmatched performance of their DuraPlate® composite plate vans or the economical dependability of their sheet and post vans.

Duraplate vans offer a lower operating cost, which means more long-term value for your fleet. 

  • Best-in-class durability means less maintenance and greater uptime.
  • Maximum cargo capacity allows you to haul more freight per load.
  • High-performance design and components allow you to run your trailers longer.
  • DuraPlate trailers produce the highest resale values in their class.

Providing a low total cost of ownership, Wabash DuraPlate trailers are standard equipment in North America’s largest fleets. Lightweight, extremely durable, and long-lasting, DuraPlate trailers keep you on the road mile after mile, year after year.

DuraPlate composite sidewall panels are constructed of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core bonded between two high-strength steel skins to provide unmatched damage resistance and maximum interior width. They are the only composite plate sidewall panels made in the U.S.A., so you can rely on the quality and performance. Wabash stands behind their product – DuraPlate sidewalls are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Duraplate Dry Vans

  • DuraPlate composite plate construction provides best-in-class durability to minimize impact and abrasion damage.
  • Available with conventional or NEW DuraPlate Cell Core panels that save up to 300 lb. per 53’ trailer.
  • 101” interior width delivers maximum cube capacity.
  • Lightweight design increases payload capacity and provides freight flexibility in back hauls.
  • The highest standard floor rating in the industry (20,000 lb.) supports heavier payloads, high-cycle loading and unloading, and longer floor life.
  • Proprietary TrustLock® Plus System makes door operation easy for drivers, and locks the door within 3” of the sidewall when loading/unloading to prevent damage.

Duraplate HD Dry Vans

  • Utilizing the same lightweight design of our original DuraPlate trailer, this heavy-duty model adds protection in the areas you need it most without sacrificing cargo space.
  • The 22” high rugged aluminum baseplate withstands the most abusive freight loading and unloading, and resists exterior sideswipe damage.
  • Eliminates the need for and related maintenance of an interior scuff liner.
  • Available with conventional or NEW DuraPlate Cell Core panels that save up to 300 lb. per 53’ trailer.
  • Highest standard floor rating in the industry at 20,000 lb.; up to 28,000 lb. available.
  • Ideal for general freight and heavy-hauls like paper, automotive parts or carpet.