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Simplifying Semi Truck Financing

The decision to purchase a truck or trailer is a big one, and financing one can feel even bigger. But if you’ve never made a commercial purchase of that size, it can be pretty overwhelming. Finding the right equipment can seem like a breeze once you dig into obtaining financing and get flooded with banking…

How to Buy a Used Semi Truck - Securing The Best Deal

Our Top Tips for Buying the Right Used Semi Truck In this guide you will find information on: How to Choose a Used Semi TruckHow to Find a Used Semi Truck For SaleWhat is the Best Used Semi Truck to Buy Whether you’re a company driver looking to start out on your own, or a…

Jubitz Truck Stop

The Best Truck Stops in the West and Beyond

When you’re on the road, there are just a few things you want: no traffic, good weather and a smooth ride. But when you need a break, you want a top-notch truck stop along your route. With 34 locations across the country and customers near and far, our team knows a few things about the…

7 Tips to Keep Drivers Happier on the Road

September 12th, 2022 Trucking is a hard job, and no one knows that better than truck drivers. Spending the time and effort to make the work easier has one major benefit: driver retention. And with drivers in the shortest supply the industry has seen in years, keeping drivers saves time and money. The research is…

Semi truck fuel efficiency Volvo VNL

Tips for Better Semi Truck Fuel Efficiency

July 13, 2021 Have you seen your fuel costs climbing? As global shipping reaches new heights while diesel stockpiles run low, diesel prices are booming. Diesel hit $3.30 per gallon in the final week of June, the ninth consecutive week of increases, according to the Energy Information Administration. With diesel now 87 cents more than…

The Inventory Shortage and How to Manage It

If you’ve tried to purchase a new truck or trailer, or even some replacement parts, in the last few months, you know that supply is tight. Unfortunately, nearly every industry expert we’ve talked to predicts that this shortage will last at least until 2022.  First, let’s take a look back at how we got here….

Volvo VAH 630 Car Hauler

5 Safety Tips for Drivers of Car Haulers

Preventative maintenance. It hangs over all our heads and applies to nearly everything we have. As annoying as it may be, it’s also the easiest and least expensive way to make your car hauler last longer. A little bit of work every week is better for you, your hydraulics system and your bottom line than…

Choosing a Mack Engine for Your Truck

Which Mack engine do you need? If that’s a hard question, don’t worry, we’ll explain the differences between each option and help you choose which is the right option for your truck. While the engines may all seem very similar, they do have some important differences that impact cost, performance and success. The first option…

Mack Truck Winter Driving

Build Your Trucker Emergency Kit

Whatever the weather, wherever you drive, an emergency kit is a good thing to carry. But emergency kits aren’t one size fits all. It’s important to take time to customize your emergency kit to how long you’re away from home, where you’re driving, the weather and personal preference. Hot packs and long johns are vital…

Truck Service

Customer Happiness Using Leasing Operations

One might think Leasing is a straightforward endeavor. For the customer, hopefully it is, but behind-the-scenes at TEC, our Leasing Operations team helps ensure customer needs are met both quickly, and seamlessly. It’s not just about servicing trucks at our dealerships or with our mobile services.  And it’s about more than getting you the right…

Mack Truck Winter Driving

Winterizing Your Truck

Now that we’re putting away our flip flops and hauling out heavy coats, it’s time to do the same for your truck. Preparing your truck for cold weather, or winterizing, is an important step to ensure that both you and your vehicle are ready for whatever winter brings. Even if your work doesn’t take you…

Volvo VNL Semi Truck

Everything You Wanted to Know About Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are a vehicle we see almost every day. Many young kids are fascinated by the “big cars.” But the average person likely doesn’t know a lot about semi trucks. For example, you might call them tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers or just trucks. In this blog, we’ll answer all your basic questions about semi trucks. Whether…

Volvo Semi Truck

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