Which Mack engine do you need? If that’s a hard question, don’t worry, we’ll explain the differences between each option and help you choose which is the right option for your truck. While the engines may all seem very similar, they do have some important differences that impact cost, performance and success.

The first option is the Mack MP7 11L engine. Available with 325 to 425 horsepower, the MP7 provides power in a compact size. The MP7 is a great option when weight concerns overshadow power needs, coming in over 340 lbs lighter than the MP8. It also produces less soot due to reduced regens, meaning you’ll run cleaner. In terms of servicing, while all Mack engines are designed with serviceability in mind, the MP7 features a one-piece valve cover, making regular service easier than on engines with two-piece covers. And finally, the MP7 is the least expensive option, running about $2,000 less than the MP8.

The MP8HE by comparison is the best option for fuel efficiency. Used with the right applications, the MP8HE is up to 6.5% more fuel efficient than the standard MP8. The best applications for the MP8HE are flat grades or rolling hills with light to moderate payloads at high road speeds. So if most of your work is outside those applications, you won’t get the most efficiency out of the engine. And as the MP8HE is about $2,800 more than the standard MP8, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most out of the increased fuel efficiency. 

The MP8HE turbo also has the benefit of being more durable and generally less expensive to service. The fixed geometry of the HE’s turbo means fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts gives you greater durability and requires less service. And when it does require service, that work is generally less expensive than on other models with variable geometry turbos. 

Mack Semi Truck Engine

And when you need more power than the MP7 can provide, but don’t work in conditions that optimize the efficiency of the MP8HE, the MP8, the all-purpose Mack engine, is ready to tackle whatever work comes your way. Whether you’re hauling heavy loads like a Mack Granite dump truck or running at slower speeds with frequent stops like a Mack LR garbage truck, the MP8 can do the job.

Choosing the right engine for your truck may seem like an easy task, but the model you choose can have a big impact on the work you do and the expenses you incur. If you still don’t know which engine is right for you, talk to your sales rep. Our team of new truck sales reps are trained to help you pick the model that will best suit the work you do.