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2023 BWS

2023 BWS




Detailed Specs


2022 BWS 48’X102 35ADG2X NR. Weight – 16,000 lb. Deck Lenght – 29 ft. 3in. Useable. Gooseneck Lenght – 9 ft. 10 in. Loaded Deck Height – 20 in. Loaded, adjustable +/- 2 in. Ground Clearance – 6 in. Loaded, adjustable +/- 2 in. Toolbox – 1 per side, approx. 16 in. x 16 in. x 12 3/4 in. Chain Rack – Located on the back of Gooseneck. Floor – 1 ⅛ inch shiplapped apitong/keruing outside on the main deck, 1 ⅛ inch shiplapped softwood between the beams. Two axles of 25,000 lb capacity each, with large inner/outer bath bearings and ¾ inch wall. Ridewell RAR 240 suspension, one wishbone and one underslung air ride, 25,000 lbs, with adjustable ride height. Preparation for finish by steel shot blast, commercial/industrial topcoat, and oven-baked. Landing Gear – Air. Standard trailer color – Black.

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