Delco Remy Starting and Charging Component Replacement

Buy any Delco Remy starter and or alternator and have it professionally installed at any TEC Equipment location and receive:

15% off door rate for starter and alternator replacement. Labor Type: CTSP
$25 off any Delco Remy starter and alternator. Coupon Code: DR05

TEC Premium Parts Battery

$99 install of the first two TPP batteries.
-Remove and replace 2 batteries
-Clean battery terminals/cables
-Inspect battery strips/buss bars for reuse guidelines

$25 for each additional TPP battery.
-Install of each additional TPP battery
-Must be paired with primary battery promotion to redeem.
-Op Code: TPPBATT2

TEC Premium Parts Group-21 Commercial Battery is backed by an 18-month, hassle-free warranty.

Starting and Charging System Performance Test

$150 for a starting and charging system performance test.

-Visual inspections of batteries, alternator and starter
-Inspect all main power/ground cables and ensure they are properly tightened
-Load test all batteries for proper CCA
-Clean all corrosion from battery terminals (unless severely corroded)
-Perform starter amperage draw test
-Perform Alternator Output test
-Inspect the alternator belt and tensioner for proper tension