Factory Recommended Service Packages

We offer a range of recommended service packages designed to keep you on the road. For more information visit your nearest TEC location, or contact us.

Wiper Replacement


  • Replace both windshield wiper blades
  • Add 1 gal. washer fluid to system

Battery Maintenance/ Electrical System Connector Check


Recommended every 6 months

  • Perform load test on batteries
  • Clean all battery connections
  • Inspection main electrical connections and grounds

Power Steering Fluid and Filter Change

$99.99 plus fluid cost

Recommended every 12 months or 150,000 miles

  • Replace power steering filter
  • Replace power steering fluid

Coolant Filter Replacement

$75 plus filter price

Recommended every 12 months or 150,000 miles

  • Inspect coolant shut-off valve
  • Replace coolant filter
  • Top off with 1 gal. Road Choice coolant
  • Pressure test system for leaks
  • Coolant included

DOT/FHWA/BIT Inspection


Required annually (BIT inspection for CA required every 90 days)

  • Perform inspection in accordance to federal/state regulations
  • Install sticker for compliance

Emissions Maintenance

$950 for most applications, plus DEF cost

Recommended every 12 months or 150,000 miles

  • Replace DEF tank filler neck screen
  • Replace DEF pump filter
  • Replace AHI injector
  • Replace AHI air regulator mounted on air dryer
  • Replace air dryer cartridge
  • Reset learned data
  • Perform stationary regen

Overhead Adjustment

Starting at $575

Recommended at 150,000 miles, then every 300,000 miles

  • Performed by factory-trained technicians
  • Inspect all exhaust brake plungers
  • Inspect valve cover gaskets for reuse
  • Install replacement valve covers as needed

Serpentine Belt Replacement

$185 for most applications

Recommended every 300,000 miles

  • Replace fan belt
  • Replace alternator belt

I-Shift/mDrive Service


Recommended every 500,000 miles

  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Fill with new premium transmission fluid
  • Remove and replace transmission fluid
  • Inspect transmission cooler lines
  • Inspect for audible leaks

TEC Premium B Service (LOF)

Starting at $375

  • Perform chassis and powertrain inspection
  • Grease all steering, suspension, brake and driveline components
  • Remove and replace oil and fuel filters
  • Drain and refill engine oil
  • Check all remaining fluids