Following manufacturer-recommended service is an important part of maintaining your heavy duty truck.

At TEC Equipment, we’re here to support your heavy duty truck service needs at every level. We’re Mack and Volvo experts, so we know those trucks inside and out. When your truck is due for maintenance, we’ll let you know so you can stay on top of your truck’s maintenance needs.

Routine maintenance is an important piece of owning any piece of equipment, from wrenches up to massive backhoes and bulldozers. Preventative maintenance (following your manufacturer’s recommended timeline) ensures that your equipment will last as long as you need it to. Preventative maintenance is about taking care of your equipment on its timeline, not your own.

Maintenance isn’t a one-size-fits-all though. Needs vary by usage. Is your usage normal to heavy duty? Maintenance is less frequent. Is your usage severe duty? Then you need to take more time for truck service.

The most frequent maintenance your truck will need is an oil change and a battery service. Regardless of usage, you should have your battery serviced every six months. Your battery takes a beating, and you don’t need it failing you when you stop for fuel.

An oil change depends on usage. In normal to heavy duty usage, you should get an oil change every 40,000 miles or every 1,300 hours. In severe duty situations, you should change your oil every 35,000 miles or every 825 hours. 

Check out the table below for Mack and Volvo’s recommended truck service intervals. Drivers know their trucks better than anyone, so it may be advisable to schedule these earlier than recommended so you can stay on the road.

Normal – Heavy DutySevere Duty
Chassis Lube15,000 mi10,000 mi
Battery Service6 months6 months
3-Axle AlignmentEvery 12 monthsEvery 12 months
Oil Change/B Service45,000 mi or 1,300 hours35,000 mi or 825 hours
Air Filter Fuel Tank Vent12 months 6 months
Air Dryer Filter150,000 mi100,000 mi
Power Steering Fluid/Filter150,000 mi 150,000 mi
Valve Adjustment150,000 mi then every 300,000 mi150,000 mi then every 200,000 mi
DEF System Service150,000 mi 150,000 mi
AHI Clean/Replace (7th Injector)150,000 mi 100,000 mi
DPF Filter Clean/Bake400,000 mi 250,000 mi
Coolant Filter Replace300,000 mi 150,000 mi
Coolant Replace750,000 mi750,000 mi
Transmission Filter/Fluid Replace500,000 mi or 60 months250,000 mi or 60 months
Fan/Accessory Drive Belt Replace300,000 mi150,000 mi
Differential Oil Replace250,000 mi150,000 mi