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TEC Equipment represents premium brands of new and used light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks. We are the West's leading Mack and Volvo truck dealership, providing seamless service with 24 locations in 16 cities spanning the 5 western states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Arizona. That's important to our customers - You need a business partner that is ready when and where you are.


When you buy a new Mack or Volvo heavy-duty truck, or a Hino or Isuzu medium-duty truck, or a GMC light-duty truck, you can spec it just the way you want it, with no wear or tear and a clean history!

The benefits of NEW trucks:

  • Made to order - Get the combination of options that you want
  • Warranty - Get the manufacturer's warranty
  • Technology and features - Media, navigation, and other modern features
  • Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions - More efficiency and power
  • Financing - Rates are generally lower on new trucks
  • Maintenance - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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TEC Equipment has the west's largest selection of used heavy-, medium-, and light-duty trucks for sale. Since we offer all brands, and a full range of prices, you can find the make, model, and year you want to satisfy your needs.

The benefits of USED trucks:

  • Price - Less expensive, more opportunity to step up
  • Depreciation - No straight off the lot depreciation hits!
  • Warranty - You can buy a used truck warranty to protect yourself
  • Insurance rates - Rates on used trucks tend to be less expensive
  • Choice - Any brand, make or model

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