Volvo Trucks: VAH Series

Designed for Car Haulers

A smooth comfortable ride, superior noise suppression and ergonomically-optimized seating are just a few of the premium VAH features designed to enhance driver productivity. The VAH series employs a unique configuration that reduces overall height to provide the ultimate in loading flexibility. Deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions and reduced-height cab options all contribute to lower overall height, offering the flexibility to position a car, pick-up or minivan over the truck’s cab. A clean top-of-frame behind the VAH cab expedites body mounting and eases trailer hookup.

As the premier car hauler dealership in North America, we sell more Volvo VAHs than any other dealership in the country.  

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Volvo VAH Truck Models

VAH 200 - The ultimate local daycab. Maximum payload, optimized efficiency, and premium features are all standard fare for this local-route productivity specialist.

Volvo VAH 200

VAH 430 - The versatile regional sleeper. When regional routes keep you on the road overnight, this multi-role performer delivers maximum payload, urban agility and a good night’s rest.

Volvo VAH 430

VAH 630 - The premium long-haul sleeper. This open-road efficiency expert delivers driver productivity and maximum payload when long-haul routes demand spacious room for rest, meals and paperwork.

Volvo VAH 630

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