Volvo Trucks: VNX Series

Built From The Strongest Components

The newly redesigned Volvo VNX is built specifically for the needs of your heavy-haul trucking operation. Now available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the VNX provides the power and performance that you demand for for heavy-haul applications such as logging, machinery transport, and long combination vehicles. The VNX is the premiere heavy-haul truck and comes in four base models with tons of available options to meet your operation's needs. 

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Volvo VNX Truck Models

VNX 300 Daycab

Volvo VNX 300

Provides muscle and maneuverability for local heavy-haul applications. Custom frame lengths are available with the option of 6x4 tandem, 8x4 tandem, or 8x6 tri-drive axle configuration. This daycab has power to spare and can be rated up to 160,000 lbs GCW.

VNX 400 Flat Roof Sleeper

Volvo VNX 400

Designed for maximum flexibility on regional heavy-haul runs. The bunk area features a premium, 36-inch Volvo mattress to make occasional overnights on the road more comfortable.


VNX 740 Mid Roof Sleeper

Volvo VNX 740

 Features all of Volvo's latest interior improvements, including a full-sized reclining mattress. Combined with Volvo's high-efficiency, high torque powertrain options, the VNX 740 is the perfect tool for long-distance heavy haul.

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Volvo VNX Specifications


  VNX 300 Daycab
VNX 400 Flat-Roof
VNX 740 Mid-Roof
Daycab designed to provide outstanding performance for short-haul deliveries.
Flat-roof sleeper designed for longer hauls requiring overnight rest to maintain hours of service compliance.
Spacious midroof sleeper designed for hauls requiring multiple overnight stays.
Local/Regional Heavy Haul Low-Bed, Oil Field, Gravel Train Length-Sensitive
Regional Heavy Haul LCV Doubles/Triples HOS Compliant
Regional/National Heavy Haul Machinery Transport, Specialized Carriers Team/Long-Haul
Cab Type
42" Sleeper
70" Sleeper
Interior Height
75.2" between seats, 80.7" rear of sleeper
Interior Width
83.5" door-to-door
83.5" door-to-door with 75"x36" mattress
83.5" door-to-door with 81"x39" mattress
Interior Trim Levels Available
60,600-88,000 lbs.
60,600-88,000 lbs.
60,600-94,000 lbs.
125,000-160,000 lbs.*
125,000-160,000 lbs.*
125,000-160,000 lbs.*
GAWR Front/Rear
14,600-16,000 lbs./ 46,000-55,000 lbs.*
14,600-16,000 lbs./ 46,000-55,000 lbs.*
14,600-16,000 lbs./ 46,000-55,000 lbs.*
Suspensions Front/Rear
Volvo Parabolic Leaf Spring/Hendrickson Primaxx
Volvo Parabolic Leaf Spring/Neway ADZ
Volvo Parabolic Leaf Spring/Neway ADZ
Auxillary Axles
13,000-20,000 lbs. Lift Axle
13,000-20,000 lbs. Lift Axle, tridem drive axle
13,000-20,000 lbs. Lift Axle, tridem drive axle