If you’ve purchased a Mack truck in the Seattle area in the last 30 years, you’ve probably met Greg Beman. But you may not have had a chance to get to know him and his history.  

Straight out of high school, Greg took the route of many young men at the time and joined the military. The Marine Corps trained him as a combat engineer and sent him to Vietnam for a year. After four years in the military, Greg joined the private sector, participating in an apprenticeship program with International in the Los Angeles area. He worked in their service department for four years before transferring to Portland, then to Seattle to serve as the service manager.

In Seattle, Greg realized, despite all his experience in the area, service just wasn’t what he wanted to do for a living. He loved building relationships, getting to know his customers and what they do, but he felt limited in where and how he could help his customers. So when he got the opportunity to move to sales with Mack, he jumped at it. Mack embraced his mechanical background, and his customers appreciated that he understood them better. With Mack, he saw what customer service and support could be. 

When Mack sold the location in 2002, Greg stayed onboard. And when TEC purchased the franchise in 2012, he joined the TEC team. Though the sale was stressful, Greg realized that having a larger dealership group behind him had some major benefits. It meant he’d get a lot of flexibility to meet his customers where they were. Today, more locations, more service bays, more warehouse storage and deeper pockets means he has more options for getting his customers their equipment and keeping that equipment running. Plus taking customers to the Daytona 500 isn’t a bad time either. 

His longtime customers certainly agree that Greg made the right choice to move into sales. When he was working at the Mack corporate location, Greg connected with Bob Walsh, owner of Walsh Trucking. Over the years, he’s built on that relationship, supporting their team everywhere he can. “Greg has always been an advocate for us,” said Bob Walsh. “We run specialized equipment, and he has taken the time to really understand our needs and our business.” 

When he’s not being “the benchmark for professionalism” according to Bob, Greg is usually with his family. His six grandkids keep him plenty busy with sports tournaments and activities, but he also makes time for motorcycle trips with his wife. They ride together on their Harley, though she gets to enjoy the scenery while Greg has to keep his eyes on the yellow line. If you’re looking to buy a Mack, be sure to talk to Greg and ask him for tips on motorcycle travel too.