Cottrel­­­­­­­­l ­- a leading auto transport equipment manufacturer, has introduced their all-new 1- and 2-car trailer. This equipment is a welcome addition to the market for vehicle delivery equipment. The completed Final Mile Delivery truck is well-suited for the needs of fleets serving shop-from-home buyers, and the new size offerings make them an attractive option for fleets and manufacturers.

The rise of technology has changed the way we shop for everything, including cars. Consumers are now reaching for their phones instead of heading to their local dealer when it’s time to buy a new car. From searching through countless online options to completing their purchase straight from their phone, consumers will soon come to expect door-to-door delivery of their new car, truck or SUV.

The convenience and hassle-free nature of buying a car online can have the potential to change how every car transaction might go. Even buyers who love the in-person experience of car buying, might opt for the convenience of home delivery. Traditional dealerships are beginning to follow the lead of online-only dealerships and will need to begin offering this door-to-door experience to not just compete with online buying, but also as expectations from consumers shift around customer service.

This means equipment capable of delivering to these rising needs of customers and dealerships are necessary in addition to the traditional 3- to 10-car hauler combinations. TEC Equipment and Cottrell are at the forefront of anticipating customer needs, actively doing load testing today for multiple fleet and car manufacturer customers as they begin to expand their own offerings.

“TEC Equipment is proud to continue partnering with Cottrell, a decades-long partner of ours, who is a first mover in providing solutions to this new buyer segment,” says David Fleishman, who manages TEC Equipment’s Auto Transport Equipment business. “Cottrell continues to provide the best in equipment, and we’re committed to backing that equipment with the best customer service in the business.”

Additionally, this equipment can be mounted on medium-duty truck chassis (under 26,000 GVW) – allowing non-CDL drivers to make deliveries in residential neighborhoods, a combination that further increases the efficiency for fleets and manufacturers. “Pairing the Mack MD with Cottrell’s 1- and 2-Car equipment design allows us to offer a complete solution for customers, backed by two manufacturers with excellent histories of quality products,” says Fleishman. 

As this segment continues to build momentum, expect to see this Final Mile Delivery equipment on the road. If you are interested in learning more about these options and how they can expand the offerings and profitability of your business, we’d love to hear from you.