The all-new VNR 660 high-roof sleeper expands Volvo’s heavy duty regional-haul application offerings.

Volvo announced the brand new model at the NACV show at the end of October. The all new VNR model adds to Volvo’s already impressive lineup of VNR regional haul trucks with an all new high roof sleeper model.

The VNR 660 is designed to increase payload capacity while still satisfying certain length and weight restrictions by decreasing the weight of the vehicle. The 660 also features a very comfortable 61″ sleeper, which isn’t very common on trucks designed for regional haul.

The overall bumper to back-of-cab length is shorter than most sleeper trucks in the Volvo lineup at just 164″, which provides weight savings as well as the ability to use different trailer types for increased cargo capacity.

With a high roof configuration and its 61 inch sleeper, it’s perfect for two person teams making overnight stops.

New Volvo VNR 660 Semi Truck

The VNR 660 offers a high-roof configuration with a 61″ sleeper with ample room for a refrigerator, microwave, television, and storage above both seats. The heavy duty VNR 660 is available with Volvo’s Premier Trim package which includes tasteful wood-grain trim for the dash and cabinetry.

This new semi truck model comes standard with the Volvo D11 engine, the Volvo I-Shift transmission and Volvo Active Driver Assist 2.0, Volvo’s upgraded collision mitigation system.

The new Volvo VNR 660 will be available for order in the first quarter of 2020.

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