Your Flatbed Trailer Dealer

At TEC Equipment, we offer a wide selection of new and used flatbed trailers from top brands. We are authorized dealers for Transcraft, Benson and MAC trailer. With multiple material options and a variety of load configurations and capacities, we can get you the flatbed semi trailer you’re looking for.

Lightweight Flatbed Trailers

When you need a lightweight flatbed with high capacity, our inventory of new aluminum Benson and steel Transcraft trailers is perfect.

Benson flatbeds are American-made with two-piece, welded main beam design for improved durability. Its Lock-Rite II tie down system allows for flexible load placement, giving you options for a wider range of loads.

With five additional crossmembers standard, Benson trailers support heavier hauls including steel coils. When you’re looking for a high quality flatbed that can haul a large load, Benson is the choice.

Benson Flatbed Inventory

Transcraft’s heavy duty all-steel flatbed trailers are built to last. Made of rugged, heat-treated 130ksi steel, Transcraft’s trailers can handle whatever you throw at them. The industry leading flooring system, with a tough main beam and apitong flooring, it’s built to last.

Every one of their trailers is coated through a premium paint process for superior corrosion resistance, so your trailer retains more of it’s value and requires less maintenance. Transcraft offers greater flexibility on your loads and lower maintenance costs.

transcraft platform flatbed trailer

Transcraft Flatbed Inventory

Heavy Haul Flatbeds

For strength on heavy haul loads, we offer plenty of options to get you where you need to go.

MAC aluminum flatbeds have earned their reputation for strength and durability through state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering excellence. And MAC takes ‘the customer is always right’ to new levels, customizing trailers to meet your exacting specifications. For a unique trailer and the TEC service you trust, let us help you spec the exact trailer you need.

Flatbed Applications

Flatbed trailers come in a wide range of sizes and weight ratings to haul a huge variety of products. When choosing a flatbed, it’s important to consider where the bulk of your loads fall on the weight and size scales. Balancing the load capacity of your trailer with the overall weight to maximize your flexibility can be a challenge, but our team of sales reps will help you find exactly the right option.

  • Rebar
  • Lumber
  • Baled Tires
  • Pipe
  • Machinery and Other Components
  • Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Building Materials
  • Super Sacks
  • Flat, Coiled and Channel Steel

Used Flatbed Trailers

With one of the largest trailer inventories in the West, we’re sure to have the trailer you’re looking for. We sell all-makes of trailers with a wide selection of specifications and features.

Check out our full inventory of flatbed trailers.

Benson Flatbed Trailer and Mack Truck

Transcraft and Benson Trailers

Benson flatbed aluminum trailer

Used Trailers

MAC Trailer Inventory