Most of our Mack and Volvo dealerships are Uptime Certified Service Centers. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what that means for you. Let’s break down what the Mack and Volvo Uptime Service means.

Uptime Process

When you visit one of our Uptime locations, you get the benefits of years of work to design and refine a diagnostic and repair workflow intended to get you in and out faster.

Uptime Bays

At our Uptime Service Centers, your truck gets into the diagnostics bay sooner.

  • Initial diagnostics help determine if the repair can be completed in under 4 hours.
  • If diagnostics take longer than 45 minutes, the truck is moved to an advanced diagnostics bay.

This means simple issues don’t get backed up behind complicated issues.

If your repair should take less than four hours, your truck goes to the Uptime Repair bay. Uptime bays handle quicker diagnostics and quicker repairs, so your truck is in and out faster. Our goal for trucks meeting the Uptime Bay Guideline is a completed repair and back on the road within 24 hours of arrival.

Faster repairs move through the system faster, so you’re never waiting hours for a simple repair.

Advanced Bays

  • When your truck’s diagnostics takes longer than 45 minutes or requires a repair that takes longer than 4 hours, it’s moved to the Advanced Bay.
  • The Advanced Bay gives technicians time to complete the diagnostics and repair with the expert skill and precision you expect.

Throughout this whole process, our technicians keep constant communication to ensure you’re informed about Estimate Time of Repair. Reliable communication and predictable completion times give you the confidence to schedule your business.


Keep everything about your truck and its repairs in one place: ASIST. All the information on your equipment and important contacts located within ASIST. Whether you’re managing a fleet or a single truck, with advanced service software like this, your information is accessible, organized and portable.

From the ASIST portal, you can manage all your active service events and receive notifications to keep you in-the-know on every repair. And you receive service estimates right from ASIST, so you can review, comment on and approve before any work is done. With ASIST, you’re done playing phone tag.