We’re very excited to be expanding our footprint into the Midwest. You probably have some questions, so we’re here to help answer them!

New Locations

Lexington, NE

602 E Frontier St
Lexington, NE 68850

(308) 324-7759


Monday-Friday: 7am to 6 pm

Omaha, NE

11351 S 153rd St
Omaha, NE 68138

(402) 896-6900


Monday: 7am to midnight
Saturday: 7am to 3:30 pm

Sioux City, IA

4535 Harbor Drive
Sioux City, IA 51111

(712) 566-1800


Monday-Friday: 7am to 6 pm

Sioux Falls, SD

2900 E Rice Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

(605) 269-3500


Monday-Friday: 7am to 6 pm


Are any of the locations moving?

Lexington and Omaha will be at the same locations indefinitely. In Sioux City we will be right by the old NATT facility, and in Sioux Falls, we’ve moved just a few minutes away.

Will store hours change?

No, we are keeping store hours in Lexington and Omaha. In Sioux Falls and Sioux City, store hours will change. Please see store hours above.

I had a line of credit with NATT. Will TEC extend me a line of credit as well?

Please email credit@tecequipment.com and they can get you set up.

My truck is getting serviced right now. Where is it? Who has it? What is going to happen to it?

In Lexington and Omaha, all in-process service work will transition from NATT to TEC Equipment on paper, while remaining on site, and even in the same bay. We are happy to complete your service order in every way as you’d been anticipating. In short, it’s business as usual except you’ll be paying TEC Equipment instead of NATT. We will also be maintaining the order of repairs that NATT was working on – in other words, the order of repairs will remain the same as was established at NATT immediately prior to the transition.

For customers in Sioux Falls and Sioux City, we will be contacting customers individually to communicate the repair plan.

How will this affect the completion of my truck’s service?

It’s our goal that it doesn’t affect the timing in any way. We will be doing our best to complete each and every job as NATT had estimated.

Who can I contact if I have service-related questions?

You’ll want to reach out directly to the service manager of the respective location with any questions:
Omaha: Brandon Strothkamp, bstrothkamp@tecequipment.com

Lexington: Dan Strothkamp, dstrothkamp@tecequipment.com

Sioux Falls: Trever Barfoth, tbarfoth@tecequipment.com

Sioux City: DJ Jones, hjones@tecequipment.com

I have outstanding warranty claims or work with NATT. What happens with that?

Please contact your nearest NATT location for any outstanding warranty claims filed on your behalf prior to April 29th, 2022.

I have a part I purchased from NATT that I need to return.

If a part was originally purchased from NATT, it should be returned to the nearest NATT location and is subject to their return terms. TEC will not accept returns for parts purchased through NATT.

I had a parts order I’m waiting on from NATT. Where do I go to get that?

All special ordered or backordered Volvo parts ordered from all locations and all Cummins and Hino parts ordered from Lexington or Omaha will be transitioned to TEC. All other orders placed through NATT will be fulfilled by NATT.

If you have a question about a specific order, please call the corresponding number below.

Omaha: (402) 896-6900

Lexington: (308) 324-7759

Sioux Falls: (712) 566-1800

Sioux City: (605) 269-3400

Additional Questions

If you have a question not answered above, please email customercare@tecequipment.com

Key Contacts

Kurt Bowers

Regional Vice President

Steve Christensen

General Manager – Omaha

Jeff Kerans

Parts Manager – Omaha

Brandon Strothkamp

Service Manager – Omaha

Glen Harre

Body Shop Manager – Omaha

Dan Strothkamp

General Manager – Lexington

Robert Hagan

Parts Manager – Lexington

Troy Brady

Parts Manager – Sioux Falls

Trevor Barforth

Service Manager – Sioux Falls